Savorr, Samson & Hercules

In 2012 Fowler showed It’s Foolish But It’s Fun, a very large drawing in black chalk, measuring 2m wide. The title of which is taken from a 1940’s song sheet, the setting of the drawing is based on the climactic finale of 1933 film The Song of Songs in which Marlene Dietrich uses a sledgehammer to destroy a life-size sculpture of herself.

SAVORR is a bi-monthly open submission exhibition, social event and artistic platform based in Norwich. At each SAVORR a featured artist or collective is shown alongside an open submission show.

In her 2011 solo show in Paris, entitled “A Real Allegory: parts I & II”, she acknowledged the influence of Gustave Courbet and his own ability to take what he wanted from the Old Masters and push forward with new, exciting and even controversial work.

    • Savorr, 2012
      Samson & Hercules, Norwich